ANC ‘Leaks’ Confidential Notes From NWC Meeting By Mistake

April 4, 2017

The ANC has made a little mistake. OOPS!

Confidential notes from an ANC meeting were accidentally emailed to the ANC Media List.

According to the email sent out by mistake, issues discussed included: 

• Change of leadership and attendant issues
• How do we deal with some of our comrades becoming part of a force united against us
• Prevailing contradictions. SA problem is a class struggle. Removal of the President will not resolve such contradictions
• Mobilising by Cde Pravin
• Irreparable breakdown of the relationship between the President and Former Finance Minister
• Officials managing NWC, defence of the ANC where National Office fails, Officials apologies for display of disunity, using Constitution where it suits them, explain your ill discipline
• Cde Kathrada Funeral – manner in which some NEC members and Ministers behaved
• Cannot just malign view that we differ with, must be entertained in a credible structure of the organisation
• Reshuffle triggered resurgence of dead movement #ZumaMustFall
• Firm belief  that they can remove President Zuma
• Mobilised within the state, works with opposition, disgruntled ANC members
• Character assassinations in traditional and new media

Source: News24

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