Are The Knysna Fires The Result Of An Arson Attack?

June 9, 2017

Would it be crazy to believe that the Knysna fires are a result of an arson attack?

“It is unusual for fires to start simultaneously‚” said Klatzow‚ one of the leading fire investigators in the country. He said “hard questions needed to be asked”.

“When you start an investigation‚ you need an open mind. You start looking for an innocent source [for a fire]. You look at negligence such as cigarettes tossed away and carelessness….somebody who was welding‚ a campfire not put out properly.

“There could be an Eskom power line that fell down and short circuited. This could start two fires.”

But he said “once there are three‚ four‚ five‚ 20 fires [ at the same time] you need an investigation [into the cause of the fires]”.

Source: Times LIVE

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