Bell Pottinger Received R5.5 Million For One Weekend To Help ANC In Anti-White Campaign! 

June 20, 2017

Just as a reminder to all of you who don’t know who Bell Pottinger is:

Bell Pottinger Private is a British multinational public relations and marketing company headquartered in London, United Kingdom.Wikipedia

This company was hired to create a divide and incite hatred amongst South Africans!

In the latest release we find out that the scum of the earth company Bell Pottinger received R5.5 million for a weekends worth of anti-white hatred to help the ANC in South Africa!

You know what?

Bell Pottinger and their top executives should be put to trial as their public relations skulduggery has resulted in many murders in South Africa!

The #GuptaLeaks reveal that the Zupta account has been so lucrative for Bell Pottinger that it sent an invoice for just under £350 000, about R5,5m), for a four-day trip that included a suggested speech for Collen Maine of the ANC Youth League and a statement for the MK Veterans Association.

This amount allegedly excludes the monthly £100 000 (about R1,5m) retainer to secure the services of Victoria Geoghegan and team to drive a wedge between racial groups in South Africa in the name of preserving the self-enrichment strategy.


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