BREAKING NEWS: The Western Cape Has Been Declared A Disaster Area!

May 22, 2017

“The disaster declaration will accelerate the Western Cape Disaster Management Centre’s Project “Avoiding Day Zero”, the Province’s strategy to ensure that taps do not run dry,” said Premier Zille.

“The declaration will be formally gazetted during the course of this week, and was signed by the Premier during a Cabinet meeting last week. As it stands, the disaster will be classified for a three-month period which can be extended, if the need arises.”

  • Demand management – managing the current water supply from the respective sources;

  • Winter conservation – ensuring that water resources are properly managed, despite a rise in dam levels during the rainy season. This avoids a disaster during the dry months; and

    Groundwater management – ensuring the proper management of groundwater sources like boreholes or the Table Mountain aquifer.


  • The drilling of boreholes at hospitals, starting in the metro, to be followed by schools in high-risk water scarce areas.

  • Appointing groundwater specialists in each district. The specialists will identify main ground water sources and coordinate the exploration and management of these resources going forward.

  • Assessing the state of water restrictions in the respective municipalities – while local councils remain responsible for making area-specific decisions, the disaster declaration enables the Province to issue instructions for any changes to these restrictions that may be necessary in each locality.

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  1. albert holm 22 May, 2017, 17:34

    why did nobody build pump stations all the way up north and to east and west so that those who have can pump to areas that don’t have. This will also create jobs

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