DA Mayor of Johannesburg Has Exposed Fraud and Corruption Amounting to R10 Billion

May 3, 2017

Herman Mashaba who has been the mayor of Johannesburg fo 9 months now has taken a hard line against fraud and corruption.

This has resulted in them uncovering R10 billion in lost or misused money.

R10 billion!!!! 

“Corruption steals from the poor and must be stopped. I have zero tolerance for corruption, in both the public and private sector,” he said.

“Following the appointment of General Shadrack Sibiya to head up our new internal investigations unit in the city, we have made solid inroads into exposing corruption and ensuring that those found wanting face the full might of the law.”

30 city staff members have been arrested and around 91 have been suspended.

The corruption and thieving is absolutely disgusting!!!

“Utterly sickening”

Source: News24

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