Department Of Health Is Planning To Ban Smoking In All Public Places In South Africa! 

November 12, 2017

This is going to upset many people in South Africa!

The Department of Health is looking to introduce draft legislation that includes a complete ban on all outdoor smoking in public areas, the abolishment of all indoor smoking areas, banning the display of cigarettes at retailers and removing all recognisable branding from cigarette packs.

The aim is to reduce the damage caused by tobacco to the county and the world says Health Minister, Dr Aaron Motsoaledi.

No one can mention a single advantage of smoking.

— Dr Aaron Motsoaledi, Health Minister

The Gauteng Liquor Forum, with a membership of over 10 000 tavern owners in the Gauteng region, has expressed concern, however, that government has not properly consulted with those parties who will be directly affected by these new proposals.

With the ban, what happens to the investments establishments and businesses have made to accommodate smokers?

— Fanny Mokoena, Chairperson, Gauteng Liquor Forum

People that sell cigarettes are running businesses and are responsible. The minister should rather be educating their customers to not sell cigarettes to small children for example. They need to educate people more.

— Fanny Mokoena, Chairperson, Gauteng Liquor Forum



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  1. Ina Baker 12 November, 2017, 15:13

    I certainly hope that will include all beaches! Most disgusting trying to find a piece of sand without cigarette butts, or idiots smoking near you and the disgusting smell in your nose in stead of fresh sea sir!

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