Email From Homophobic Beloftebos Wedding Venue Goes Viral On Facebook! 

August 2, 2017

The Beloftebos wedding venue in the Western Cape is going to get into a bit of trouble with this one.

A Facebook user has shared a screenshot of an email received from the Beloftebos wedding venue owner stating that they only host heterosexual marriages.

This what was said in the email:


The issue is indeed not with the dates. The reason is that we only host heterosexual marriages. We wish not to offend with this but it is our venue policy. 

Kind Regards

The Facebook user said:

Hmm. Nothing like the smell of bigotry in the morning. If I was seriously looking for a wedding venue and not just window-shopping, this kind of discrimination might have bummed me out just a little. 

Thanks Beloftebos, Beloftebos Wedding Venue for reminding me that pretty things are reserved for straight people. Real classy. 

This is an absolute disgrace! I truly hope that the wedding venue is shut down and banned from operation until such time they take a step into the 21st century and stop discriminating.

The fact that such bigotry exists, does not surprise me – the world is full of people using religion as a barely concealed excuse for their own sexism, racism, homophobia etc.

Their blatant and unapologetic response as a business, does.

How is this still going on?

Nice one, Beloftebos. Also, you’re breaking the law!

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  1. Roeks Griessel 3 August, 2017, 08:05

    Elke besigheid behoort die reg te behou om volgens sy Christelike waardes handel te dryf. Daar is baie “Wedding Venues“ kies die een wat jou waardes pas.

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    • Johan Blom 3 August, 2017, 10:21

      Hoekom adverteer hulle dit dan nie dat hulle nie gay troues doen nie. Hulle het sopas hordes straight paartjies wat gay troues ondersteun se herinneringe van hulle trou dag bederf.

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  2. Leon 3 August, 2017, 13:17

    Hierdie is niks meer as n smeer veldtog teen Beloftebos Wedding Venue nie, omdat iemand nie hulle sin kon kry nie. Hoekom moet hulle adverteer dat hulle nie gay troues doen nie?
    Daar is geen wetgewing wat n besigheid dwing om te adverteer wat alles en wat alles nie hulle dienste dek nie. So dis dan ook verkeerd as n ander nie Chrislike geloof paartjie ‘n troue by n Christelike kerk will hou en kerk bestuur dan nee se? ‘n Mense/beigheid het die reg om nee te se. Dit val onder die Vryheid van Assosiasie en word onder die grondwet beskerm. “Chapter 2 is a bill of rights which enumerates the civil, political, economic, social and cultural human rights of the people of South Africa…..” Section 18: freedom of association. Kyk dan ook na Section 31: the right of cultural, religious or linguistic communities to enjoy their culture, practise their religion and use their language.Mense moet maar aanvaar dat hulle lewens keuses sal ly tot sekere beperkende faktore in die lewens pad wat hulle stap en mense/instansies die volste reg het om hulle dien te weier.

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