Full Interview With South African Who Was Pushed Down Flight Of Stairs By Airbnb Host In Amsterdam! 

July 11, 2017

South African visual artist Sibahle Steve Nkumbi was thrown down a staircase while leaving an Airbnb address she was staying at in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Nkumbi came to Amsterdam to work an exhibit at the Amsterdam Stedelijk, where work was being showcased of the artist collective Zanele Muholi. Nkumbi was scheduled to check out of the apartment at 11 am but was still there after 12 pm. At this time, the landlord arrived at the property, which ultimately resulted in Nkumbi being thrown down the stairs. Nkumbi stated that no one was arguing with the landlord but were trying to reason with him. She believes that he was verbally aggressive and that the attack was racially motivated. Besides Nkumbi being able to give a firsthand account of what happened, there is also a video footage of the incident. The mainstream media is reporting that the suspect has been charged and arrested for attempted murder.

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