Gerrie Nel Steps Up To Take On Grace Mugabe And Her Actions Of Assault In South Africa! 

August 17, 2017

Famed Oscar Pistorius prosecutor and currently head of AfriForum’s special prosecutions unit, Gerrie Nel, has announced that he will assist the victim who was allegedly assaulted by Zimbabwean First Lady Grace Mugabe.

Johannesburg model Gabriella Engels claims Mugabe beat her with an extension cord while her bodyguards stood and watched. Engels is an acquaintance of Mugabe’s two sons who live in Joburg.

A press conference was held on Thursday afternoon where Nel and AfriForum’s Willie Spies confirmed that they will be offering legal assistance to Engels. Nel expressed his concern with the communication between Engels’ family and the police.

Nel also revealed that they would be “monitoring the procedure every step of the way” and if all else fails they will take the private prosecution route.

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