Helen Zille Started Crying When She Was Given This Gift From Platinum Mine Worker!

July 4, 2017

Helen Zille was brought to tears after being given a gift by a platinum mine worker who is also a part time artist.

Motubatsi works at the Impala Platinum Mine in Rustenburg but he loves to draw. During his shifts off at work, we spent his time drawing his gift for Helen Zille.

“Sometimes one feels a bit down about the future, but everybody who feels down just needs to come to an evening like this. The important thing about these stories is that it shows even in the most difficult circumstances, people have opportunities to make choices.”

“I’m so inspired by young people who’ve learnt at a very tender age what it’s taken me decades to learn. Their stories show a dedication to the truth; they show young people have a capacity to take responsibility, to defer gratification and to develop judgement and wisdom way beyond their years. Above all, they have the capacity to make the right choices because they recognise opportunities. The Life Choices programmes are precisely the right catalyst young people need as a launch pad in life.”

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