Is This The New South African National Anthem – #StepDown

April 13, 2017

Could this be the new South African National Anthem? Haha… just kidding. This song went viral last year and is now picking up momentum yet again. And rightly so!

Here are the lyrics so you can sing it in the shower:

Hold your horses dear, the tumbleweed is rolling in and the wind ain’t gonna run this time of year.
So feel the reigns, hold on tight, we’re leaving with the storm. In this place a young visionary was born.

Who’s the healer here? To heal the souls on this rocky road, oh the crows are gonna come, this time of year.
So fix this trail, choose your side, we’re riding with the storm. On this road a young visionary was born.

Zuma…Step down.

The river’s drawing near. The river mouth’s just a few miles South, and the water’s gonna rise, this time of year.
The current sides with the ocean tides, we’re floating with the storm. On this boat a young visionary is born.

Zuma…Step down.

So we’ll go cross where the river’s dry, pray the road up to heaven’s on the other side. And we’ll write a melody like this.

All that we are has given us something. It’s in the way we know we’re not nothing. Al that we are has given us…All that we are has given us…
We are waiting, waiting for something…

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