Millions Being Spent On Statues And Entertainment When The People Of South Africa Are Ignored! 

October 20, 2017

To the people of South Africa

What are we doing there are millions being spent on statues when our people are starving – Does that make sense?

Millions are being spent on government entertainment when our people don’t have jobs or clean drinking water – Does that make sense?

Time has come to look past the smoke screens.

How long are we as the people of this nation going to sit back while our country gets raped and molested?

How long are we going to blame the past for all our current problems?

Look at how the current leaders are stealing your future !! – Open your eyes !!!

Instead of statues live the principles of OR Tambo.

Ask yourself how many scandals was OR involved in?

Was he a corrupt man?

Did he abuse his power?

Did he put his people first ahead of himself?

Was he a self less leader?

Now compare his track record with Jacob Zuma?

Don’t be fooled by these diversion tactics.

Open your eyes and see past tribal consciousness and you will see what’s wrong with our nation.


Let’s change South Africa

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