St John’s College Teacher Racist Remark – “You Disappointed The Blacks By Getting A Good Mark.” 

One of the teachers at the Johannesburg private school St. Johns College has been in the spotlight for his racist remark to one of the pupils. “You Disappointed The Blacks By Getting A Good Mark.” This is absolutely unacceptable!!! The

White Dude Goes Into The Hood… Some Of These Points Are Very Relevant To South Africa Don’t You Think? 

This video is of a white guy going into the ‘hood’ somewhere in the USA to discuss hot topics being debated in the media and around the world. One user on YouTube commented: “There really are more good people than

Charlize Theron Promotes South Africa And Mrs Balls Chutney On American Live Show! 

Charlize Theron is the most famous South African actress of all time. During one of her latest appearances on a live show in the USA, Charlize promoted South Africa and even Mrs Balls Chutney! Charlize Theron talks about Chris Hemsworth

New KFC Advert Is Trending Online… I Don’t Think They Got This One Right! 

Isn’t it lovely to look the chicken you’re going to eat in the eye. I think this campaign is going to massively backfire for KFC!

Heated Radio Interview Regarding St. Johns’ College Response To The Race Crime Ruling Against One Of Their Teachers! 

Bongani from 702 speaks to the Headmaster of St. Johns’ College about the racist comment made to learners.

Thief With No Fear Gets Caught Stealing From A Sleeping Man On A Train!

The thief fearlessly tries to steal from a sleeping man who is sleeping opposite him on a train. The man suddenly wakes up and catches him in the act! The video footage of incident can be watched below: 

Guess What? Bill Gates Is No Longer The Richest Man In the World! Who’s #1 Now? 

The once richest man in the world, Bill Gates, is no longer the richest man in the world. He has been overtaken by a fellow American by the name of…. Jeff Bezos who is the founder of Amazon! According to

Two South African Superstars – Charlize Theron On The Daily Show With Trevor Noah! 

This is the greatest duo on US television!!! Two South Africans owning the TV waves in America! Love it!  Two of South Africa’s biggest stars in the US are set to collide on your television screen tonight at 21:30CAT on Comedy

Medical Lecturer Draws Like A Pro… Then I Draw This!!! Hahaha!

This medical lecturer has some serious drawing skills! Look at all that detail… it actually looks like the human body. And all in proportion too. And then I try!!!! FAIL!