Jacob Zuma Releases Official Video Recorded Statement About The Situation In Zimbabwe! 

Jacob Zuma is the Chair of SADC and he has released two statements about the situation in Zimbabwe. Watch the recorded message from Jacob Zuma below:

WATCH: Young Hopeful Zimbabweans Finally Stand Up Against Robert Mugabe! 

A perfect storm of protests, police dissatisfaction and poverty in Zimbabwe as citizens challenge long-time leader Robert Mugabe.  

WATCH: Terrible Accident As Car Hits Petrol Attendant In South Africa! (video)

A video has been circulating on Whatsapp which shows a car driving into a petrol attendant at a Shell fuel station somewhere in South Africa. Not much information has been provided on the incident… however I can only just assume

Mugabe To Step Down If Grace Mugabe Given Safe Haven Out Of Zimbabwe… Possibly In South Africa! 

The latest update on the situation in Zimbabwe… Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe has negotiated with the country’s military for his wife Grace to leave the country and obtain “safe haven”, possibly in neighbouring South Africa, in return for him giving

WATCH: Stellenbosch University Choir Ranked As ‘The Best In The World!’ [video]

A panel of 80 international judges have crowned the Stellenbosch University Choir as the best in the world. INTERKULTUR’s top five choirs in the world 1. Stellenbosch University Choir – South Africa 2. Kamerniy Devichiy Kor by Lysenko – Ukraine 3. The Muller

WATCH: Taxi Driver In Durban High On Flakka Drug Handcuffed To Protect Himself And Others! (video)

Another ‘flakka’ video has surfaced online. The video footage shows a Durban taxi driver high on flakka, handcuffed to protect himself and others. Have a look at the video footage below:

Several Zimbabwe Cabinet Ministers Arrested, Including Robert Mugabe’s Nephew! 

The Zimbabwe army has said that they are now in control of the country. This was broadcast on live television in Zimbabwe this morning. “So although it doesn’t look like a coup, but it is a coup,”  said Zimbabwe analyst

WATCH: Official Military Statement In Zimbabwe On Live Breaking News Television! [video]

The military issued an official statement on live television in Zimbabwe early this morning. This is what was said: “Good morning Zimbabwe. Fellow Zimbabweans, following the address we made on 13 November 2017 which we believe our main broadcaster, ZBC

BREAKING NEWS: Military Vehicles Block Roads To Harare – Reports Of Potential Standoff Against Mugabe! 

A coup is reportedly under way in Zimbabwe, with reports on social media claiming that the head of Zimbabwe military Constantino Chiwenga has given President Robert Mugabe 24 hours to vacate office after sacking his vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa. Tanks

WATCH: Biker Attacks Motorist In Alleged Road Rage Incident In Joburg!

This CCTV footage was shared on Facebook which shows a biker attacking a motorists in johannesburg in an alleged road rage incident. However some people speculate that the motorist took out a weapon… this is not clear in the video