WATCH: CCTV Footage Shows Young Girl Pick Pocketing Customers Cellphones At Supermarket In Cape Town!

CCTV footage has emerged of a young girl pick-pocketing cellphones at two supermarkets in Cape Town, seemingly egged on by at least one adult woman. Watch and SHARE!!!! 

WATCH: South African Car Thief Gets Locked Inside The Car He Was Trying To Steal! (video)

This guy has been titled Middleburg’s dumbest thief after he got locked inside the very car he was trying to steal. The car thief gained access to the car via a remote jamming device… but when he got inside the

Scientist Predicts That Cape Towns Water Supply Will End Up In ‘a total system crash in March 2018’! 

The slow onset crisis unfolding in South Africa is – at least in my professional opinion – about to enter a new phase. Gauteng came within a week of running out of water last year, saved only by a major

WATCH: Terrified Woman Gets Attacked By A Huge Rat While Sweeping A Building Site! (video)

Video footage has been shared online showing a woman being attacked by a rat when she sweeps a building site near her house. The rat looks very aggressive and actually tries to attack the woman. I have never seen a

Now Even Russian President Vladimir Putin Tells Zuma To Toe The Line! 

President Jacob Zuma reshuffled his cabinet this week after meeting a delegation from the Russian government. The Sunday Times can reveal that a high-level Russian team met Zuma on Monday just before he told the ANC top six about his

WATCH: Epic Fail Of Crane In Somerset West! 

Industrial plumbers were trying to safely lower a concrete slab into the ground… but their attempt failed and the truck/crane ended up buckling! Luckily nobody was hurt during the incident. Watch the video below:

WATCH: Is This What Hillbrow In Johannesburg Has Really Become?! (video)

Is this what JHB has become???? One victim fighting for his life for several minutes while bystanders do absolutely nothing to help! Zero law enforcement around and available and people just stand and simply watch…. This is the building known

WATCH: Fees Protest In Bloemfontein Seriously Gets Out Of Hand With Windows Being Smashed! (video)

“We feared for our lives, because we didn’t know what to expect next.” Video footage from inside a lecture theatre at the University of the Free State shows how protesting students start smashing windows and letting off fire extinguishers inside

Cyril Ramaphosa Made Billions From The SA McDonald’s Franchise – Then Sold To Dubai Investors! Dodgy?! 

There is a video about Cyril Ramaphosa and his business billions made from the South African McDonald’s franchise which he owned. After making a fortune he sold the business to Dubai investors. I always am very sceptical of politicians who

Millions Being Spent On Statues And Entertainment When The People Of South Africa Are Ignored! 

To the people of South Africa What are we doing there are millions being spent on statues when our people are starving – Does that make sense? Millions are being spent on government entertainment when our people don’t have jobs