What Do You Think Happens To A Suicide Car Bomb When It Comes Face To Face With A Tank?! [video]

There was a group of military guys in tanks on patrol in Egypt when they suddenly are confronted with a suicide car bomb heading their way. The military is trying to put a stop to the crazy terrorist operations in

WATCH: You Think South Africa Is Unsafe! Husband And Wife Get Shot At During Robbery In The UK (video)

CCTV shows wife fight off robbers as husband shot! Two men captured on CCTV shooting a man and robbing his wife have been jailed. During the robbery in Leyton, East London, the victim was shot in the leg and the

Tourists Visiting Paris Are Shocked To Find Stranded ‘Sperm Whale’ Alongside The Seine River! 

The people of Paris were shocked to find a beached sperm whale alongside the river Seine. The beached whale had been cordoned off from the public. It is a very strange sight for Paris! Just arrived in Paris and found

8 Hard Hitting Photographs That Make You Think Twice About Life As An Animal In The Zoo! 

Take a look at these incredible photos! They’ll definitely make you think twice next time you go to a zoo. The concept of a zoo is a nice idea for the people looking at the animals but I don’t think

The Brilliant Pepsi Advert That Was Banned From TV! 

Good adverts are few and far between. But this one takes it a bit too far. This is an old Pepsi advert which slanders Coca Cola. The advert was banned from television. Pepsi vs Coca Cola Banner Commercial

This Is What A 30% Pass Mark In South Africa Looks Like On The Learning Channel! Hahaha!

I’m sure you remember the learning channel when you were growing up in South Africa… well here is a hilarious Casper de Vries skit that I’m sure you’ll enjoy. Basically… this is what the learning channel would be like now

Yet Another Flipping Weird Video By South African Celebrity Couple, Die Antwoord! Trailer For ZEF TV! 

Sup kidz! NINJA & ¥O-LANDI speaking. All the ZEF videos and movies DIE ANTWOORD have made over the last 7 years were little clips from our own TV SERIES we making called SOUTH AFRICAN NINJA! ZEF TV in da making!

WATCH: Incredible Footage Of A 40 Tonne Humpback Whale Leaping Out Of The Water In South Africa! 

This incredible footage was shot by Craig Capehart!  It was a rare clear, crisp, cold, winter day offshore Mbotyi in Pondoland, Eastern Cape province, South Africa (formerly Transkei). The seas were unusually calm that day on the Indian Ocean. That

WATCH: Man Followed Home From FNB Branch In Gauteng And Robbed At Gunpoint! (video)

Gauteng man followed home from an FNB branch. As he pulls up to the boom at the ‘security complex’ where he lives, a group of armed men hold him up and rob him of his cash. One users on Facebook

South African Diver Almost Gets Eaten By Great White Shark (GoPro Video)

This is the most terrifying shark video I have ever seen. The GoPro video footage shows how a South African diver narrowly escapes a Great White shark attack! Johan Potgieter has an EXTREMELY close encounter with a Great White Shark