WATCH: The Reality For Metrorail Commuters In South African Cities Everyday! (video)

This is sadly the reality for many commuters who make use of the Metrorail service in cities in South Africa. No health and safety… just absolute chaos. Imagine having to do this everyday to get to work… Watch the video

WATCH: South African Taxi’s Driving On The Wrong Side Of The Road! (video)

This is a regular site in South Africa where the minibus taxi’s make their own road rules. Here is a video taken from another motorist’s vehicle showing how the taxi’s totally disregard the law of the road. The government needs

Meet Alfred, The South African Road Painter Entrepreneur!

Meet Alfred. He walks door to door trying to earn an honest living. I have great respect for people like Alfred so after hearing his sales pitch I decided to take him up on his offer… I gave him the

These Men Are Dangerous And Have Escaped From Custody! (PLEASE SHARE)

These men are extremely dangerous. They escaped from custody in JHB yesterday. PLEASE SHARE & let’s get them back behind bars.

WATCH: South African Metro Police Officer Caught On Camera Asking For A Bribe! (video)

A South African motorist was smart enough to prepare himself for what was to follow. In this video footage you can see a South African Metro Police officer asking the motorist for a bribe. To be honest… I don’t blame

WATCH: Terrifying Footage Showing Surfer Who Survive Shark Attack!(video)

Surfers understand that they are sharing the waters with some fierce creatures including the great white shark. In this video it shows a surfer being attacked by a shark in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The surfer narrowly escapes with his life.

School Principal Caught Dishing Out Banned Corporal Punishment In SA School! (video)

The school principal of a Port Elizabeth school has been caught on video dishing out corporal punishment to several matric pupils. Kwamagxaki High School principal Mwezi Qomfo apologised profusely on Monday after being shown the cellphone recording‚ made by another

WATCH: 65 Year Old Cashier Brutally Attacked At Lighthouse on Loxton Cafe In Milnerton! 

65-year old cashier brutally assaulted last night at Lighthouse on Loxton by 3 unknown assailants. Anyone with any information please contact your nearest police station. Please share.

There Is A Burning Billboard In Joburg… And Motorists Are Slightly Confused! (video)

A “burning” billboard was erected near Milpark Hospital in Johannesburg on Monday. But the City of Johannesburg’s emergency services have assured drivers there is nothing to worry about. The billboard is part of a drive by British American Tobacco South

What Really Happened In The Hotel Room With Grace Mugabe’s Rampage?!

A security incident report has shed new light on the chaotic events that unfolded as Zimbabwean first lady Grace Mugabe went on a rampage at a luxury hotel in Johannesburg. Mugabe’s  on guests and staff at the Capital 20 West