To Spank Or Not To Spank? The New South African Law! 

Should the court dictate on whether or not you may spank your child or not? My latest video talks on this topic. Be sure to share it far and wide! Watch the video below:

South African School Boy Potentially Saves A Mans Life While Others Just Walk On Past! 

Wonderful letter sent to our Headmaster, Mr Lovatt, regarding one of our learners, Nathi Nzima in Grade 11E. Mr Lovatt received the email below on Thursday, 19 October 2017 “Good day Mr Headmaster, I hope you are well this morning.

The South African 2023 Rugby World Cup Bid Promotion Video Will Give You Goosebumps!!!!

Who will host the Rugby World Cup in 2023? The contenders to host the event in 2023 is between South Africa, Ireland and France. The Springboks have released a promotional video for the 2023 bid… and it is absolutely incredible.

WATCH: Engen Petrol Attendant Dancing While Filling A Car With Fuel! (video)

Only in South Africa will you have a petrol attendant filling your car with fuel and dancing like nobody’s watching! I just love this video so much. You will never see this kind of joy in Europe or Australia. South

VIDEO: Chaos At Metrorail Station In Cape Town As Commuters Avoid Paying For Tickets!

Metrorail passengers at a station in Cape Town were trying to avoid paying for tickets. One of the passengers said that they will refuse to pay for tickets until the Metrorail service improves. The security will never be able to

iPhone Calculator Bug Error When You Put 1+2+3 In Your Calculator… Does Your iPhone Have The Bug? 

Bugs in iOS 11 are causing some issues with the calculator. iPhone users running iOS 11 have found that when you type 1+2+3 into your calculator it gives an answer of 23 or 24. “They say iOS 11 is one

Scientist Predicts That Cape Towns Water Supply Will End Up In ‘a total system crash in March 2018’! 

The slow onset crisis unfolding in South Africa is – at least in my professional opinion – about to enter a new phase. Gauteng came within a week of running out of water last year, saved only by a major

Cyril Ramaphosa Made Billions From The SA McDonald’s Franchise – Then Sold To Dubai Investors! Dodgy?! 

There is a video about Cyril Ramaphosa and his business billions made from the South African McDonald’s franchise which he owned. After making a fortune he sold the business to Dubai investors. I always am very sceptical of politicians who

Millions Being Spent On Statues And Entertainment When The People Of South Africa Are Ignored! 

To the people of South Africa What are we doing there are millions being spent on statues when our people are starving – Does that make sense? Millions are being spent on government entertainment when our people don’t have jobs

R240 Million Property For Sale In Franschhoek!!! WOW!!!

MAGNIFICENT GEM – 164HA farm in Franschhoek This magnificent Franschhoek gem comprises of more than one title deed. World class wine, game farms and restaurants for sale on this property. Too much info. Prices range from R 38 million to