WATCH: Unsuspecting Victim Has His Galaxy Note 8 Stolen Without Him Even Knowing! (video)

This is one of the new techniques being used by pickpockets in South Africa. In this incident, the man has his mobile phone stolen from his top shirt pocket. The pickpocket pretends he knows the unsuspecting victim. He opens his

WATCH: South African Oke Surfing In The Flooded Streets Of Durban! (video)

Durban living up to the name Surf City during the massive downpour. While everyone’s running for cover, Durban surfer Izan Leibbrandt looks for waves. Watch the awesome surfing video below:

When You Drive On The Highway And Then You See This… Only South Africa! [video]

Only in South Africa! When you’re driving on one of the main highways in South Africa and you see this weaving through the traffic. Watch the video below:

Architect Designs The Most AMAZING House Out Of Shipping Containers! (photos) 

The 200-square metre house, which includes a kitchen, a living room, and three en-suite bedrooms, is made from several conjoined shipping containers set at various different angles, creating the illusion of a flower blooming in the desert or a structure

Honest South African Is Asking For Some Help!! Please SHARE!

A very friendly South African is asking for some help. An honest working man needs some exposure, lets help him out!

Customer Refuses To Not Smoke At The Petrol Pumps, Employee Gets Fed Up! [video]

As you should know, smoking on the forecourt is extremely dangerous as fuel is a highly flammable product. The guy in white is asked multiple times to put hes cigarette out at the gas station. After he refuses, the station

WATCH: The Daily Challenges We Face Here In South Africa! (video)

From sportsmen to politicians around the world doing the Mannequin Challenge, I thought it would be fitting to do this and showcase some of the daily challenges we face here in South Africa, yes, this is suppose to be a

This Tourist Just Shows Us How Beautiful Cape Town Really Is! It’s Got Everything!!!! [video]

Cape Town South Africa Tourist guide to the city. “Downloadable Guide coming soon I know what I said in video haha” Cape Town, South Africa is arguably the most visually stunning place in the world. The cost of living in

These Are The Least Visited Countries In The World!

With so many countries in the world to travel to and explore we can be spoilt for choice. But which countries have been the least popular amongst travellers? Click to view full size infographic