WATCH: Insane Rooftop Jumper Point Of View Camera Video Footage! 

I’m sure you’ve heard about those crazy people called rooftop explorers who run and jump from building to building, rooftop to rooftop. They are adrenaline junky daredevils to say the least. Now we have a Point of View camera view

WATCH: Hijacking In Gauteng Today, 5 Perpetrators Arrested! (video)

Yet another hijacking in Gauteng today. This time the 5 perpetrators were arrested. Take a look at the dashcam video footage below:

Gupta Leaks Episode 2: Bell Pottinger! 

The latest episode of the #Guptaleaks looks at Bell Pottinger, the UK-based PR firm that brought South Africa to the brink of a race war to protect the reputations of the Zumas and the Guptas.

Is The MiWay Email Real Or Fake? 

MiWay has been trending all day on Social Media after an email surfaced that showed alleged racism from an employee regarding a management meeting decision. Is the #MiWay email real or fake? My video jumps right into it.  

MiWay Insurance Employee In Serious Trouble Over Racist Email That Has Surfaced Online!

The Miway insurance company has said that they will get to the bottom of the racist email screenshot that has gone viral on social media in South Africa. The email reads: “This is a reminder of yesterdays managers meeting. The

The BBC Has Uncovered The Gupta Leaks In Detail, You’ll Want To Watch This! [video]

In South Africa, allegations of high-level corruption are being fuelled by a huge leak of confidential emails. Mixed up in the scandal is a British PR company, Bell Pottinger, which has been accused of fuelling racial tensions in order to

Major Increase In Hijackings In South Africa! The Reason Has Now Been Uncovered! 

South Africa has seen a massive increase in hijackings due to various reasons. These are the hotspots for hijackings in South Africa! And the reason for the increase in hijackings in South Africa has now been uncovered… take a look

WATCH: Motorists Reaction To Being Hijacked At A Petrol Station Resonates With All South Africans! (video)

This CCTV video footage has been supplied by Intelligence Bureau SA. Hijacking at Sasol garage close to Clearwater mall West rand.. Always know your surroundings! Don’t be complacent in your driveway at the shops or fuel garages! Take a look

WATCH: Hectic 26 Car Pileup Collision Caught On Dashcam In South Africa (video)

Shocking dashcam video footage has been released showing a 26 car pileup where 3 people were injured and one person was killed. The incident took place on the N17.

WATCH: Shocking Truck Accident Looks Like Truckers Brakes Failed (video)

CCTV footage shows a truck coming around a corner down a hill before toppling over at high speed. People believe the trucks brakes failed, however it could also be due to travling too fast.