Photos From The Cash In Transit Heist Explosion In Johannesburg

There was a hectic cash in transit heist that took place in Johannesburg near OR Tambo International Airport. You can WATCH THE VIDEO HERE The extremely well armed and organised cash in transit thieves were driving in a BMW and a

Cash In Transit Heist Robbers Detonate Explosives In Peak Joburg Traffic (video)

This is one of the most hectic cash in transit heist videos I’ve seen. In the photo above you can see parts of the cash in transit vehicle flying through the air, just split seconds after a bomb was detonated

The Most Beautiful Version Of Senzenina, Goodbye Pravin And Jonas (video)

As Pravin Gordhan and Jonas stepped into national Treasury for the last time, Treasury employees started singing the anti-apartheid song ‘Senzenina’. We have found the most amazing version of Senzenina by the Cape Town Youth Choir. Translation: “What have we

The Shocking Cabinet Reshuffle… Listen Up!

It’s clear what the end goal is for Zuma… and it’s not a functioning South Africa, it’s a functioning bank balance for him and his cronies.

I’m Leaving… I’m Going To Australia! [video]

I feel that this comedy clip from one of Trevor Noah’s older shows is due. You laugh, but it’s true. Trevor takes us through the ANC presidents since 1994, and how some people of South Africa reacted… many stating that they

Amazing Police Sniffer Dog Tracks Robber Holding His Breath Underwater In A Swamp (video)

This robber was trying a James Bond stunt, holding his breath underwater to try and hide from the police. This Brazil police sniffer dog tracks down the suspects… you can run but you can’t hide. Checkout the hectic footage below:

Dagga Can Now Be Used At Your Home, Western Cape High Court Ruling

The Western Cape High Court has made a ruling that allows for the possession, cultivation and use dagga at home, for private use. The court wants Parliament to change sections of the Drug Trafficking Act. Reliable Source: News24

No, Wait… This Is The New $1 Bill! 

Okay… I actually think this is the new $1 bill. We can call it the Gupta Dollar Note. Hahaha! And here is a meme that sums up South Africa currently!

Cabinet Reshuffle – Tutu Warned South Africans About Jacob Zuma

Bishop Desmond Tutu had warned South Africans about Jacob Zuma and his corrupt government. “Watch out, I am warning you, I am warning you out of Love. Zuma and his government dont represent me, one day we will start praying

Fearless Guy Rescues Cobra And Gives It Water From A Bottle

This rescued cobra gets given water from a bottle. Look how close the guy’s hand is to the cobra when he is holding the water bottle. That snake could strike at any moment… this guy is fearless.