The Apartheid Era Flag Will Only Sow Division In South Africa… It Must Be Put To Rest! 

Yes, history is history and one should note try and erase history. However people need to be sensitive regarding the past especially when so many people were harmed by it. Just like in Germany, the Nazi flag is illegal… in

You Can’t Arrest Me For Spending R800k When Zuma Could Spend R240 Million On Nkandla! 

“If Zuma could spend R246 million on Nkandla and he was not arrested, you can’t arrest me for spending a simple R818‚000!” This comes back to the age old saying… The fish rots at the head!

R14 Million Student Escorted Off Campus By Cops Away From Angry Student Mob! (Pics & Vids)

The R14 million student from Walter Sisulu University made headlines in South Africa due to her spending over R800 000 from her meal card after she erroneously received R14 million from a student fund. Many students looked very angry… and

WATCH: Disgusting Road Rage Incident In Paarl Caught On Camera By Victim! (video) 

A Facebook user has posted a video regarding a disgusting road rage incident in Paarl. This is what the Facebook user posted: “He then swerved in front of me a 2nd time, showing aggressive hand-signs and even though my lip-reading

Bell Pottinger Secretly Filmed Boasting Of Political Access And Doing PR For Dictatorial Regimes! [video]

It seems like Bell Pottinger has been in the game of dodgy business for some time now. This hidden camera video footage was shared on YouTube back in April 2012. South Africa has put the nail in the coffin for

WATCH: Bystanders Help Themselves To What’s Left After Cash In Transit Heist!

Members of the South African public helping themselves to what was left after a cash in transit heist took place. Watch the video footage below:

WATCH: SA Motorist Witnesses Deadly Shootout Between Armed Criminals And Security! (video)

This is the kind of incident that you don’t want to be near when it happens. A South African motorists captures the whole thing on video while in his car… Watch the video footage below:

WATCH: Founder Of Bell Pottinger Interviewed On Scandal In South Africa… His Denial Is Sickening! (video)

The Chief Executive of PR firm Bell Pottinger has resigned following a damning report into the company’s operation in South Africa for controversial Indian magnates the Gupta family. The company has also been expelled from industry body the Public Relations

Bell Pottinger Expelled From PR Body For Racially Divisive Campaign In SA For Guptas! 

Fantastic breaking news is out that Bell Pottinger has been expelled from the Public Relations and Communications Association. Embattled British public relations firm Bell Pottinger has had its membership of the Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA) terminated. In a

Extremist Suicide Bomber Changes His Mind And Runs From His Vehicle Full Of Explosives! (video)

The Iraqi ‘anti-terrorist’ group was able to disable a suicide bombers vehicle. Instead of joining his virgins the suicide bomber made a sprint for safety. This incident happened in July. Watch the video footage below: