WATCH: South African Granny Goes Viral After Breaking It Down In Woolworths Store! (video)

Yesterday’s gig at Woolworths was lit! You know you got skillz when granny is breaking it down in women’s wear! nattitude19 posted: “Omg this is the best” deepfriedman said: “Hahaha this is amazing. Now good luck getting your Street cred back.” geeezzz_louise added:

WATCH: Man Assaulted Outside Mugg And Bean In Gauteng By Group of Joggers! [video]

Video footage was shared on Twitter by Barry Roux which shows a group of white joggers beating up a black man. “Mugg & Bean management has been advised that the SAPS attended the scene and in conjunction with the Mall management are

Google Has Officially Launched Street View For South Africa National Parks Including Kruger!!!! 

A team of passionate South Africans in partnership with Google Maps have trekked the length and breadth of South Africa to map 170 new trails, six UNESCO World Heritage Sites and all 19 National Parks, in a large 360-imagery collect

WATCH: Community Members Stand Together As They Fight Back Against Hijackers! (video)

This incident took place on an afternoon in Florida Joburg where four males hijacked the white dolphin shape BMW. Video footage from people who witnessed the whole hijacking has been shared on social media in South Africa. This is to show

WATCH: People Looting A BP Petrol Station During An EFF March! [video]

Video footage has been shared on YouTube which is titled ‘ EFF lotting BP petrol station in today’s march, 2 November 2017.’ It is not clear if it was EFF members/protestors but in the video you can see many red

WATCH: Henri Van Breda Demonstrates With Axe In Hand In Court! 

Henri Van Breda demonstrates in court how the attacker fought him. Watch the video below.

WATCH: Truck And Taxi Collide As Truck Tries To Cross Busy Street Without Looking! (video)

A Facebook user shared a video from his dashcam: On my way to work in The Avenger and the a truck goes over a busy street without observing oncoming traffic and gets hit by a minibus full of people going

WATCH: Is Julius Malema Inciting A Civil War In South Africa? [video]

Julius Malema said: I heard that these whites are coming to march again, they will announce a new date. I’m thinking national chair we must organise a counter-march and meet them half way. We cannot allow white people to do

WATCH: Are The Police In The Wrong Regarding The Way They Handled This Protesting UCT Student? 

Video footage has emerged showing a police officer dragging a naked woman who apparently is a UCT student who was protesting. There is now an uproar on social media asking why police handled the protester in such a way. Personally…

WATCH: UCT Computer Science Building Covered In Human Feces And Urine! [video]

The UCT Computer Science building was found covered in human feces and urine amidst the UCT student protests that have shaken the campus! You can watch the video below: