WATCH: This Is How Clever Baboons Get Over The Electric Fences Into Camps In Kruger! (video)

These clever baboons have worked out exactly how to get over the tall electric fences that surround the camps in Kruger. Take a look at the video footage below… I’m speechless!

Racism Rocks Upmarket Suburb Of Parkhurst In Johannesburg! 

Johannesburg – A young woman who asked for work on the “I Love Parkhurst” group Facebook page because her mother needed food instead found herself described as a “black snake” and a “houtkop”.Amanda Durand Michau, who claims she lives in

This Is The Most Insane Spectator Sport In The World! It’s A Combination Of Rugby And Bareknuckle Boxing! [video]

You think rugby is a tough sport?! This is the most insane spectator sport you will ever watch. The game is pretty simple. Players take to a field the size of a soccer field and try score more goals than

Horror Accident At Amusement Park Ends Up With 1 Fatality And Many Others In Hospital (video)

When I tell you I don’t trust the rides at amusement parks… I mean it. Here is a video footage of a recent horror accident at an amusement park in Ohio. You can watch the video below: — JU

WATCH: Terrifying Footage Of Taxi Being Flooded By Gushing Water (video)

Video footage of a terrifying incident has been circulating on social media. The video clip shows a taxi full of passengers stuck in a river that is gushing water. Any moment in time the taxi could be washed down the

US Government Issues Safety Warning To Travellers To South Africa Due To OR Tambo Criminal Activity!

The US Government has issued a safety warning to US citizens traveling to South Africa through Johannesburg. “The US Mission to South Africa advises US citizens to exercise caution when arranging ground transportation from OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg

Do South African Traffic Officers Have Targets For How Many Fines They Must Give?! (video) 

I have always wondered why Traffic Officers do not wear reflective jackets. When I stopped to inform one of the dangers of doing so, I learned something very interesting: They do actually have quotas! Come back with no fines and

You Won’t Believe What South Africans Think “State Capture” Means! WTF! 

What is State Capture?  eNCA went around asking people what State Capture is… and their response are priceless. Some of the answers include: “The public protector looking at documents or something!?” “When the person is addressing the state of the

Uber Cars Now Have To be Clearly Marked In South Africa, Says Transport Minister! 

The South African transport minister has instructed that both metered taxi vehicles and Uber vehicles need to both be clearly marked. “Innovation like e-hailing is not something the world was expecting, but one cannot just wish it away,” said Maswanganyi.

Delicious Steri Stumpie Hot Chocolate Recipe! (video)

Ok, my life has just been made complete. Steri Stumpie hot chocolate!!! Guess what I’m doing tonight?! Make myself one of these bad boys! Ingredients: – Steri Stumpie – Parmalat fresh cream – 1 slab milk chocolate – Mini marshmallows –