Should The Old South African Flag Be Banned?! [video]

October 31, 2017

Should the old South African flag be banned from public spaces? Come and give me your opinion on my latest video.

Watch the video below:

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  1. AO YinYang 31 October, 2017, 18:19

    do we ban all history? No, history is what makes us today, but to use it for racist movement, no. As with everything in life, intention of use is everything.

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  2. hennie 31 October, 2017, 19:03

    Just want to ask u .If u look at today’s new S.A. flag, with political colors (ANC) And if see that , most people started to except it, and then, funny enough, most crimes appearing,i.e. when marches with this flag, severe damages to properties, serious assaults under this new flag. My opinion as well. How can a person respect a flag like new flag these past years, by not associate it with aggressiveness, less respect? Just as other countries, I personally don’t believe it is all about the flag. How can a person have respect for someone else,if u don’t have respect for other cultures,traditions,dignity and their own histories? As u said, a flag is just a color , but for every group it have a different meaning that bring peace and respect for them. We need to respect that, even if we don’t agree on everything. Only then, will people realize the hurt everybody are causing and that ,over flags. We are really missing the point, Murders,rapes,aggravated robberies, intimidation’s, threats, damages to properties, land invasions….now u tell me what does this got to do with the old flag please?

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    • Gerallt Bath 1 November, 2017, 18:04

      WE all know that the flag issue is just a guise, to cover up the real crimes, and look for soft targets. So normal for a corrupt and incompetent government.
      While they been bickering about flags, and making such an enormous issue out of that, not one of the corrupt parties have said anything about the 7 farm murders in last two days. Shows you what they really are trying to do, and what the real agenda really is. turn focus away from their corruption and incompetance. Or maybe it is not incompetance, but rather the fact that they actually support it?
      Not a peep out of the cANCer, or any of it`s lapdogs, the DA and EFF. They have no intention of, or interest in catching real criminals.

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  3. Gerallt Bath 31 October, 2017, 20:56

    Ban the old flag if you must. But, I find it interesting that everyone`s attention is turned to and focused on flags, while there have been another 6 farm attacks and 3 murders, since yesterday morning. Maybe you can focus on that too? And ban that too, while you are at it.
    Amazing how we would rather focus on the “soft targets” instead of dealing with real issues…like the 6 more farm attacks and 3 murders that have taken place, while people are debating flags. So typical of the real enemy, to turn our attention away from the real crimes, and rather look for soft targets.
    I am not saying it is right, or wrong for that matter, to carry old flags around. I`m just saying that it is interesting that no big issue is being made about real serious crimes that have taken place in same timespan.
    Maybe we can give some attention to real issues, unless of course we really only have some dubious hidden agenda, and are afraid of upsetting the real criminals in this country, who surprisingly avoid the issues of crime and corruption, probably because they support it themselves anyways. Want to make a real difference? Be different. Stop following the other blinded sheep.

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  4. Damon Leff 1 November, 2017, 08:32

    Yes, ban it from public spaces!

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  5. Peter McCarthy 1 November, 2017, 13:26

    All i can say is that under the old flag there was work, schooling, housing and very little crime. It is a pity that you can talk so much shit in such a short time. You will find that many of the black people would rather go back to the old system where they had work and food and very little crime.It is all you liberals that was creating problems in the old government. There is too many things to mentioned that is wrong under the new government with their satan’s flag.

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    • Gerallt Bath 1 November, 2017, 18:08

      Aye, the new flag represents over 400000 murders, since 1994, whereas the old flag, in 40+ years, had 26000. Strangely enough, of that 26000, over 16000 took place during 1990 and 1994, after unbanning of cANCer. Why should people believe in and acknowledge a flag cloaked in corruption and blood?

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  6. Charmaine Abbott 1 November, 2017, 17:42

    Ban both time for a new one

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  7. Aiden O'Mahony 1 November, 2017, 19:52

    you cannot wish away history. It makes us what we are today. We must learn from history!

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  8. Steve Attwell 2 November, 2017, 00:21

    People lament over the passed when the present offers such a dismal outcome. Obviously if the country was thriving people wouldn’t have global prayers for farmers or think about a time when it took a supressive ideology to keep them safe.

    If you screw up a country it’s people will morn it’s past. If you improve people’s lives they look forward. Banning the flag will really be banning anyone from complaining.

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