South African Businessman Buys Loyal Housekeeper Of 30 Years Her Very First Home!

April 5, 2017

Nancy Witbooi recently became a homeowner with her very first property.

The estate agent who sold the house said that this is the very first time he has been mandated to find a property for someone as a gift.

“After he sold his home in Sardinia Bay, he became concerned about his domestic worker, Nancy, who lived in a house on one of his adjacent properties. He told me he felt a responsibility for her after her many years of loyal service and wanted to buy her a house of her own. Nancy wanted a place in Walmer Township close to her family and spacious enough for her and her young granddaughter who lives with her, so I spoke to Leonard Ellis who had a listing there. He took Nancy and her employer to see it, and the rest is history.”

30 years of loyal service is a very long time. Hopefully we see more of this kindness in South Africa.

Source: News24

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