South African Motorist Confronts Traffic Police At Engen Petrol Station For Revealing Her Personal Details! [video]

October 9, 2017

A South African Facebook user shared this on Facebook recently. This is what she had to say:

So yesterday I was pouring petrol and asked the petrol attendant to do my wheels as well but I am already running late. He said cool he will assist me and he will hurry. I said thanks. I started doing my mascara and I could hear that him and another petrol attendant were talking about me. I tried to ignore them but they continued. They were talking about ukuthi sebezofela ngaphakathi bangaze bathinte izinto zabantu. My petrol attendant was telling him to look at his own customers and stop looking at his customers aka me. A cop car had parked in the bowser next to mine and this bad behaviour continued. The cop witnessed it and decided to help THE MEN out by showing them my information on the screen inside the GOVERNMENT vehicle shown in the pic below. The petrol attendants were called by the police traffic officer and they both (petrol attendants) put their heads through the passengers window to view my information.The lady police officer had gone into the shop. Immediately upon his return, the petrol attendant who was assisting me called me by my surname. The other one was shocked and commented that his colleague has let the cat out of the bag so quickly. They both continued to speak about this and the other petrol attendant said “It’s quite dangerous to register your information everywhere, cos look at what technology can do, people’s information is so easily accessible, we have now seen all her information!”.. the petrol attended that was assisting me kept on calling me by name at this point and saying my initials out loud and mentioning my year of birth. The other one said to him “The way you are saying her name it’s as if you know her, as if you live together”. My petrol attendant proudly said “I do know her, she is so and so and she is born on such a date, is that not so miss so and so?” MENTIONING MY DETAILS IN FULL, asking me to confirm that he has my details correctly. I felt so VIOLATED AND STRIPPED NAKED!!! This was a point of no return for me. There was no salvaging anything. My identity had been given away. I was devastated. I was broken. I was deceited by a government official. Who trained him? Who interviewed him? How safe is our information in these cars that drive around the whole of SA with our information in it?

I am not sure what comes up on the screen but the other petrol attendant was freaked out at the amount of information he saw on me.

I drove up to the police vehicle to take a photo. I parked him in so I could confront him. The video below is of the confrontation.

Also take note how for plus or minus 10 minutes of me confronting the police man, everyone came out except for the security guard and the manager. This is at the engen garage on the N2 just as you enter the N2 from the empangeni/Richards bay turnoff…southbound.

This could happen to you. Your details could be given to anyone. You are not safe.

WARNING: bad language used in this video.

Watch the video below:

Intelligence Bureau SA

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