South African School Boy Potentially Saves A Mans Life While Others Just Walk On Past! 

October 25, 2017

Wonderful letter sent to our Headmaster, Mr Lovatt, regarding one of our learners, Nathi Nzima in Grade 11E.

Mr Lovatt received the email below on Thursday, 19 October 2017

“Good day Mr Headmaster,

I hope you are well this morning.
I spoke to your PA this morning but failed to get your name unfortunately, my apologies for that.

Yesterday afternoon I arrived and found a man had collapsed on the side walk of my drive way, I panicked and (because we live in Joburg ) I was frightened as well that it might be an act waiting to attack me, so I drove a few metres ahead while processing the situation.

People were passing by staring but no one really bothered to approach him to check if he was alright or alive for that matter. A passing taxi driver eventually stopped by to check if he was breathing and he drove off as well. I finally gathered some courage and pulled into my driveway but quickly locked the gate behind me. I then noticed 2 police vans pull up next to the man’s body ,( I’m assuming someone had called them) and I then realise that the situation was quite serious. Sadly these policemen also just checked to see that he was just breathing and again they drove off.

I was looking out from my porch and being a lady I was still afraid to go attend to the matter on my own, until I saw a young man who was walking by and stopped, turned the man’s almost lifeless body around, gathered his belonging and started tending to him, I then felt it was safe enough to go outside an assist. The young man asked the man what his name was, what had happened to him and he then called the ambulance. The man was barely speaking so all he said was that he was very weak, he was a security guard who had worked night shift and was making his way home from Kempton park to Berea when he collapsed on my driveway, he had walked this long distance ( my home is in Kensington), he hadn’t eaten in 2 days as well. Nathi Nzima (I believe he is in grade 11) stayed with he man, aided him to drink the water we got him while we waited for the ambulance which never arrived sadly. To cut a long story short, your student stayed with him for almost an hour till he regained some strength, could remember his name and where he stays . I eventually got my father to drop him home, Nathi lifted him to the vehicle.

The kindness and concern that young Nathi displayed (while all the adults were passing by) was really commendable and I believe should be recognised. It is only when Nathi stopped that other people (including myself) could approach the situation. I can’t put into words the assistance this young offered this man, my email doesn’t do it justice.

In a society where most have little good to say about the modern teen it is so comforting to see that there are still young ones like Nathi. I’ve know the school KES produce some really great young men and this is proof that the standard has no been compromised. Thank you for the values you have instilled in your students, I know it must not always be easy but I hope young ones like Nathi inspire and motivate you to keep pushing more great young citizen into our society.

Please recognise Nathi and great congratulations to you Headmaster and the school.

All the best and God bless.”

Nathi we are so proud of you and applaud your actions. You have not only upheld the name of our School and your family but you have shown commendable character traits of empathy, integrity and compassion, that are testament to what a fine young man you are. We salute you!

Strenue. Go School.

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