St. Johns College Teacher – ‘But I was just joking’

July 30, 2017

You know that teacher from St. John’s College who made those racist remarks to some of the pupils in his class?

This is what he had to say for himself: 

“I admit that certain of the stereotype (sic) comments made by myself to students in good humour were not appropriate or were ill advised.

“I see this now … Sometimes what they say to each other appears funny and without thought I participated therein,” he said.

“As a teacher, you sometimes get caught up in a conversation with students and the teacher/student line gets crossed.”

Sorry dude… there is no excuse! 

“All schools, whether they are public or private, cannot have codes of conduct that contravene the Constitution of South Africa,” he said

“I see now in retrospect that although I did not start the conversation or the stereotypical comments, it may have been inappropriate for me as teacher to engage herein,” Arlow submitted.

“When the good-natured jokes were over, no one seemed offended thereby and I am genuinely shocked by the fact that one (or more) of the students was, in fact, offended …

“I believed that these matric students were mature enough to understand the context that my comments were made [sic] and it is now apparent to me that I was mistaken.”

“I was not told that the workshop was intended to be part of an ongoing investigation or disciplinary process by the school against me or that a report on me would be generated therefrom …

“I certainly was not advised of my rights,” he said.

“I seemed to be guilty in everyone’s eyes. The allegations had been allowed to gain momentum unchecked and I felt that I was no longer in a position to clear my name.”

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