Super Dad Pins Down Cheetah That Started Attacking His Son At Emdoneni Lodge

March 18, 2017

Now this is a story of a real life super hero dad… check this out.

While this family was visiting Emdoneni Lodge in KwaZulu-Natal they had a frightening encounter with cheetahs. They were told that they could pat two of the cheetahs while being supervised by the tour guides.

The mother of the family said she noticed that one of the cheetahs was acting a bit restless. This cheetah proceeded to walk through the group of people before suddenly attacking their son.

Now what… everyone was frozen!

Out of nowhere the father quickly jumped into action, grabbed the cheetah, pulled it away from his son and pinned it to the ground. His 14 year old son was very shaken by the incident with wounds to his back and shoulder.

This 14 year old boy has a cool story to tell though. Not many people can say they’ve been attacked by a cheetah. Pretty cool huh!

Now that’s what I call a real life super hero dad story!

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