The Apartheid Era Flag Will Only Sow Division In South Africa… It Must Be Put To Rest! 

September 5, 2017

Yes, history is history and one should note try and erase history. However people need to be sensitive regarding the past especially when so many people were harmed by it.

Just like in Germany, the Nazi flag is illegal… in South Africa, the Apartheid era flag should also be illegal. 

If South Africans want to pull together, they must stop displaying the apartheid-era flag.

That is according to an anthropologist following revelations that a number of businesses are exhibiting the old tricolour flag. 

The businesses claim the flag is part of the country’s history.

In August, a Cape Town pub came under fire for displaying the flag. 

Wits University professor David Coplan said Afrikaners want to show they still have ownership of the country.

“So my problem is it memorialises Afrikaans nationalism and white supremacy. It’s not just a matter of history only.

“And of course, they have this problem in the US with the old Confederate flag which they say is part of Southern history but is very prejudicial and ethnic oriented and divisive history. So if people in SA really want to be South African and pull together as I do, I don’t think we should be displaying that flag”     

Source: eNCA

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  1. George Wearing 5 September, 2017, 12:52

    I was born under this beautiful flag in 1942. It had been the national of South Africa since 1928. It’s origins have nothing to do with Apartheid which only came into being in 1949. The flag continued as the national flag but unfortunately became sullied by that disgusting regime which thankfully ended in 1994 I think.

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    • Bob Blunden 5 September, 2017, 14:14

      Spot on George the flag has sod all to do with apartheid only that it was the flag during that period whereas before it was the flag of the brave South Africans who fought with us Brits during the 2nd World War, To compare it with the Nazi flag is inane as that flag was the flag of the Nazi party not the German nation when Hitler gained power.
      When are these idiots going to check out history?

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  2. Berlinda Barnard 6 September, 2017, 04:40

    If South Africa wants to pull together they should take on the useless president and Malema to stop singing Kill the Boer song…a lot of young people died under that flag…The new flag will never be my flag!!!

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  3. Dee 7 September, 2017, 04:51

    I love my old SA flag. The new SA flag is so red and wet with the blood of all the SA and foreign visitors to SA who were murdered since that evil terrorist Nelson Mandela and his ANC came to rape SA and take my once rich safe beautiful country from me and our wildlife who they slaughter indiscriminately too. Fxxx the new SA flag, Fxxx Affirmative Action and BBBEE racist laws against the minorities who built SA from nothing.

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