The Real Horror Of The Van Bredas Axe Murder

May 3, 2017

The axe murder attack on the Van Breda family was done with so much force that there were blood splatters found on the outside boundary wall below the 1st floor windows where the brutal axe massacre took place.

Theresa (the mother) was axed 3 times on the head.

Martin (the father) was axed at least 5 times on the head and another time across the back of his neck.

Rudi (the brother) was hit about four times on the head.

Marli (the sister) was hit 4 times over the head and once across her jugular below the left ear.

Henri (the accused) on had a few small cuts across his chest and a knife puncture on his left side.

The court has not allowed the crime scene photos to be published but have allowed journalists the right to view the images on request.

The Stellenbosch axe massacre is yet have judgment made on it.

Source: Times LIVE

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