The Spur Incident… 

The Spur video that leaked yesterday was bad… but what was even worse was the response that came from Social Media.

WATCH: Spur mom speaks out (video)


  1. James Blunt 22 March, 2017, 14:11

    Sadly you did not do sufficient research & find the full story merely choosing to watch / comment on a selected part……..

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    • Lisa 23 March, 2017, 04:48

      Eye witness accounts are a subjective source of information, keep that in mind. Until objective, primary source information i.e. video footage that confirms the “eye witness account” in this article is released to corroborate the statement – it is null and void.

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    • Dren 24 March, 2017, 05:57

      Wait he was sitting next to the glass but could hear with absolute clarity two calm conversations that happened from a distance to where he was sitting? For real? Eye witness accounts right

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      • Dren 24 March, 2017, 06:00

        Also Spur released CCTV footage from prior to when the video was recorded which clearly shows the man grabbing the woman’s child…you need to research your “eye witness accounts”

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  2. Heather 22 March, 2017, 14:16

    Don’t worry you aren’t to only person who can be objective about what you saw. Unfortunately the race card is the first one out of the bag in almost all countries of the world ☹️

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  3. Roelien 22 March, 2017, 15:19

    I actually personally spoke to the idiot from that Facebook post. She started complaining as she was receiving threats but she was calling on others to be murderd. Got to love the hypocrisy. Her lack of education was also evident. And she can’t farhom white people can understand Zulu. My replies to her confounded her so much she ended up deleting her posts

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  4. Hermann 22 March, 2017, 15:22


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  5. mikey 22 March, 2017, 18:25

    All blacks hide behind the race card. It’s there first line of defence to get the upper hand. Once racism is mentioned, it is always the non black to be charged.

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    • Dren 24 March, 2017, 05:59

      If you can’t see the issue with using the term “All blacks” in your comments then you are not ready to have a discussion regarding “all blacks”

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      • mikey 24 March, 2017, 14:44

        Like i said, first line of defence. Look at your ANC, EFF. Always the white to be blamed. Same here in the UK. Race card, human rights card, it goes on. White man’s time in SA is fast becoming extinct. That woman had no courtesy, respect or parenthood skills. She saw an opportunity to look like a racial victim.

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    • Sikhangele Mbambo 25 March, 2017, 19:29

      All blacks is a very definite and enveloping term. Is this not what was being highlighted in the video, one person doing it does not condemn all. When I watched that video all I saw was 2 immature parents misbehaving in front of their kids and in public.

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  6. Marie Saayman 22 March, 2017, 21:13

    that was bad from bove sides the swearing in the Spurr no respect for the other people in the Spurr But I can tell u this we always going to the Spurr in Beaufort west and the waiters are very kind of us I never going toother places just the Spurr friendly people

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  7. Laura 22 March, 2017, 21:59

    Well said… Mandela would roll in his grave if he knew what was going on with his children & dream of a rainbow nation!!!! Spread love & peace?!

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  8. dina strydom 23 March, 2017, 03:50

    Dit is bitter hartseer en tragies hoe heerdie hele ding uitverband geruk is. Die meerderheid swart mense glo net wat hulle hoor en stel nie belang in feite of saamstaan as n nasie nie. Hierdie land is gedoem solank Mnr Zuma veilig in sy Nkandla sit en nie n demm omgee vir eninge Suid – Afrikaaner nie. Die grootste probleem in hierdie land is steeds ongeletterdheid, en daarvoor moet ons voorvaders geblameer word. Ek bid en vra God om nou oor te neem, is al genade vir hierdie pragtige tog verdoemde land.

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  9. Charlotte 23 March, 2017, 04:03

    I agree, i just don’t understand that everything that white people do becomes a race thing. Like a black child hits a white an then he fighta back, then they say that the white child started the fight. Then they kill the white and we just need to stand there and listen to it. If we need to stand together like they say they need to stop with the race card and take it as 1 person fights with 1 person.

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  10. hendrik 23 March, 2017, 05:32

    i got one thing to say.i dont care your color of your skin.but if you dont teach your child good morals and let him hit other kids without having to take account for my i wil make that dad look like angel.u go dad.u stand up for ur child.

    as far as this mesg concern.yea u tight.there only a one sided story been told by the media.its not right from wrong.its all about how much money they can genarate.

    cheers and anyways Mcdonalds food does taste better.

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  11. Gio 23 March, 2017, 05:52

    Hi Mike, I slightly disagree. I think its the responsibility of every parent to be responsible for their kids. Firstly, this guy requested the woman to do something about her kid being aggresive towards his kid. I would think any parent would react this way if somebody else had to hit their child in the face. Secondly, this guy walked away several times but was provoked by the woman EVERY time which made him turn around and face the woman again. Thirdly, if this guy was really a racist, the man that tried to stop him with the red tshirt was also black but he had no problem with him touching him. The woman is insinuating racism in the video, which often happens when another race accuses black people of wrong-doing. In conclusion, the way the woman swore this man reflects the wrong-doing of her child and the standard of morale he was brought up to. If she just did the right thing and spoken to her child about this, nothing would have come of it.

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    • gavin 24 March, 2017, 21:01

      U really want to exscuse or justify HIS behaviour???????????? u are as disgusting and deplorable as he is!!! If he grabbed my child in that manner the coward would have regretted it!

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      • Gio 27 March, 2017, 07:45

        I humbly apologize for that. I was not aware of the SPUR video. I thought this guy was protecting his daughter who was smacked by the boy. I agree that if someone grabs my child like that, there will be hell to play.

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  12. kev 23 March, 2017, 06:16

    does anybody wonder what started this off in the first place?

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  13. Deeanne 23 March, 2017, 13:52

    If you watch the footage, language use aside. You see a concerned father of a girl, approach the mother of a boy who allegedly hit the father’s daughter.
    However the mother refuses to deal with the situation and prevokes an argument with the father.
    He’s asking her to have a word with her son.
    Out of frustration with the situation, in which his daughter is hurt, he loses his ‘cool’.
    In fact the boy is growing up with the idea that it’s okay to hit girls. The little girl is growing up thinking that no-one will be able to protect her.
    The mother is using abusive language as well.
    How does banning the father affect his daughter? How does banning the father from Spur solve the problem?
    Both parents behaved badly.
    Child rights? Human rights? Parental rights?
    Appallingly it doesn’t.
    Not the best resolve for either children, Spur.

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  14. Geoff Stroebel 23 March, 2017, 14:17

    One must remember that the videotaping of this incident only started after a number of minutes when it got heated. Apparently the guy asked the woman to control her kid, and SHE was the one who got loud and abusive to start with.

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  15. Tracy 23 March, 2017, 14:45

    Thanks for this. I reported racial comments to Facebook and Twitter. ..I was horrified as well regarding all the hate speech from all colours. Sadly…when your government is promoting racial tension..what does one expect ???

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  16. magdaleen cronje 23 March, 2017, 15:38

    like everybody else not even you talked about the little girl that was hit in the face come on if that was your child ???????? what about help for her Spur o yes they don’t get help

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  17. Nicky Els 23 March, 2017, 16:02

    Bottom line, this was an incident where 2 parents didn’t behave. Both could have been white or black. It is however always made a racial issue. It is getting boring, and is just what bored people need to spice up their day, and post racial and death comments.

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  18. Garth Williams 23 March, 2017, 18:06

    Great analysis of the unfortunate event and realistic summary of the comments made.

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  19. Mark 24 March, 2017, 09:37

    Brother you could not have said it better
    Pick ups to you

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  20. Maureen Nel 24 March, 2017, 09:54

    Very well said, why does everything have to become a racist issue. They both acted disgustingly.

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  21. B 24 March, 2017, 10:35

    I completely agree with what you have said in your video. I’ve viewed the video several times myself, there was nothing about racism in the video except the part where the man was escorted away and the woman yelled out, asking if it was because of her race. Other than that it was merely just one parent confronting another, and both of them sorting it out in completely the wrong way. It is very unfortunate that they couldn’t deal with things amicably. Thank you for posting what your video

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  22. Margaret Hewitt 25 March, 2017, 09:42

    Firstly having been with my grandkids over the years I feel the play areas are not monitored properly.The staff are not equipped in handling situations
    On numerous occasions the kids come out crying they are being bullied .not allowed to take a turn on gaming machines The trampoline kids are at bigger risk . Cjildren usually come and tell their mothers and things get settled .
    Besides that its a sad state of affairs one cannot go to a family restaurant and play/eat in peace Everyone is affected by this situation
    We use to say to the kids shake hands and be friends
    Anger mangement and parental guidance is needed .
    Any way this video portraying the events is done fairly So well done young man
    Im not here to judge anyone .sad that it happened and pray for peace and harmony.

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  23. Shawn 25 March, 2017, 15:39

    Excellent analysis of the incident and well-balanced framework. I also find it so ironic and very sad that this beautiful country has such blatant and ugly racism that is inherent in both black and white. What were the horrors of apartheid are now the realities of a broken nation. Its as though we have learned nothing. You cannot fight fire with fire. The atrocious racism in the new South Africa needs a turnaround. Where are the true leaders in this country. Sadly, they are nowhere to be found, weep the beloved country.

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  24. Gill 25 March, 2017, 16:49

    Very good response to two opinionated adults that need to grow up.

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  25. Lynn Thompson 25 March, 2017, 17:04

    Well said!

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  26. Tom 26 March, 2017, 07:36

    I don’t condone violence in whatever form or shape or whomever does it…my worry in this matter to me was that this happened in front of children and the lack of immediate response from spurs management as this was happening. Where were they and why didn’t they do something about it? This brings me to the next question is there any security at this mall?? If so what is their job?? I think most will agree with me that when you decide to go to these malls one expects either to dine or shop without having to fear if something is going to happen to you especially when u have kids around.

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  27. Edmund 28 March, 2017, 07:17

    This is a bad thing that happened and the blaming game has begun. In your own mind you might say that he was wrong or she was wrong. Oh I forgot, lets not leave the children out of this as the parents brought them into this issue.
    Its funny how when things go wrong then the children is suddenly the point of attraction, not even mentioning the race issue………

    Seriously, both of the parents were wrong, period. Above someone did mention about education, true, it did play a role, IN BOTH OF THE GROWN UPS.

    Yes I do agree, if my child is punched I am going to act but in a decent manner. As a child I was taught by my parents that sometimes things do go wrong and we get angry, fighting, shouting and screaming is not going to solve the problem. Swearing is also not going to solve the problem. Racial comments is also not going to solve the issue.

    I have found myself in a situation very similar, and I would like to use that as an example, I did approached the other party or parents and in a decent manner explain what happened. The parents of the other child called their child and got his side of the story. Both of the children shook hands, the other child did apologize for what he did and it was settled. His parents did discipline him on their own terms.
    This might not sit well with a lot of people but I guarantee the outcome of this spur sage would have been completely different if the initial issue was addressed in a decent manner. The whole swearing, race issue and what ever followed would have never seen the light of day. I know at least my child could keep her head high the following day and say, wow, my dad is cool in the way that he handled that, look how he solved that issue.

    The way that both parents has behaved was wrong and instead of those two children learning something about values in life, they have just learnt the opposite.
    The one will be made a cool kid because of the way his or her parent was reaction and the other child will be teased and spoke to and been labeled as a bad child by other kids.
    None of those 2 parents thought of the consequences of their actions. This was about what happened between the children and not the parents however both of the parents wanted to take the spotlight. Again, was the issue about the kids or about the parents………..

    Due their actions, it has now become an media frenzy and is just fueling this whole issue the the extent that threats are now been made, strangers are getting themselves into hot water( the lady from Bloem)……..

    That is just my view on this…. THE PARENTS WERE WRONG…..

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  28. Katey Aust 30 March, 2017, 11:35

    Well said!!!

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