The Spur Racism Incident Discussed

March 23, 2017

Sibu Mpanza is a South African YouTuber who makes some really interesting videos. Here is his latest video titled – The Spur Racism Incident.

Sibu expresses his point of view about the highly publicised Spur debacle between two customers in Johannesburg.

Sibu believes that it was an incident of gender based violence and racism.

What are your thoughts on the Spur incident? Leave a comment at the bottom. Let’s discuss and debate like adults. Any comments that are not inline, will be deleted and you will be banned.

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  1. Barbie 23 March, 2017, 21:25

    Bad parenting … I’m okay saying that as I gave our [6] kids their parties at home.
    Kids will be kids… I was a nursery school teacher, a request to step out onto the bright side usually got everyone’s attention and there were no problems like this… just saying.
    Social media in “arm chairs” is creating our cyber chaos

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  2. Michael 24 March, 2017, 08:34

    Once again no one knows what happened before the recording so let’s all stop talking about the video and how a grown man shouted and so on ,what happend before the footage ? And how was it handeld buy both parties get that facts then we can talk . Rather Raise the facts about farm murders and how the government and police department is handling it or how violence is promoted amongst the black culture aspecialy anc our presedent and the eff and so on let’s talk about that

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  3. Boris 24 March, 2017, 10:18

    The way this guy acted in front of the children is unacceptable by all standards. There are however witnesses that say that he did try and speak to her and she sweared at him. Wrong from both sides in my personal opinion.

    But here is my story from being called a racist so many times when I know that I am not. Recently over the new years season we had a big family group, all black, visiting the reserve where I work. We have a day visitors area where people can come and enjoy a braai and so on, campsite is strictly of limits for day visitors as we don’t want to disturb the campers staying over. This particular group then ignored the rules, went to the campsite and olayed their music as loud as they could. I had to repeatedly ask them to turn off the music as they were disobeying the rules and disturbing campers. Never mentioned anything to them about not being allowed in the campsite. It is the festive season and I want everyone to enjoy it. I had to finally ask them to go when they started making fired outside the designated fire areas and then being to drunk to put it out. We are a nature reserve and fires are a real threat to us.
    Then they tried to leave without paying a day visitors fee. I confrinted them at the gate and asked for the money. This is then again when I got called a racist.
    I’ve been called a racist so many times for doing my job, but never has it influenced my mind set.

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  4. Jared 24 March, 2017, 10:31

    lol Afrikaans species?? This white guy was an animal and condemns all white people along with his actions. If someone grabbed my child the way he grabbed that poor ladies child’s arm I don’t even know what I’d had done but it would have been more than what she did. Understandably though as she was being intimidated and harassed by this member of the Afrikaaners species.. and your background music to play on the emotions was weak as well.. I respect bloggers and Vloggers but if everything was equal and not race related the real problem would be where the person looking after the kids in the playroom was?? Out of everything I’ve read I’ve seen nothing focused on that clearly representing a race narrative which is sad.. I implore you as I’m sure you will continue to keep these videos going to be the positive force and “work” needed to push this country to the place it needs to be.. as someone who follows the rest of the world we going to need to if we are going to brave potential global trials and issues and the only way we can handle them effectively is to pull together.. we have theeee most beautiful of everything let’s focus on that

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  5. Chantal 24 March, 2017, 19:39

    Racist attack ????? Where did the guy once mention race ?????? The woman was vulgar and extremely provocative. I am so saddened that this incident has once again revealed how the race card is played over and over . At the start of the clip the guy wants to discuss with the lady that her child started a fight with his child and wanted to defuse the situation. I’m certain if she was white his approach would have been exactly the same

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  6. Specht 24 March, 2017, 22:15

    I see you as being the Wolf in Sheeps clothing! What I see in this clip is provocative miss behaviour from both sides. Black child hits white child in Spur environment where everyone should be having a good time. Never mind the colour factor. Stop all this racists bullshit. Too much tension in South Africa. All go to yoga classes together. Learn to breathe. Focus on making South Africa beautiful. You are living in one of the most unique countries in the world. Get along and get it right for once. For the sake of all of your children. That is what FW De Klerk and Mandela were wishing for. A rainbow nation. It can be done.

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  7. Gary Stevens 25 March, 2017, 05:04

    I would find it very interesting if anyone that viewed this were to not agree that this incident was not raciest based, in fact that would be a lie. My first thought was, would this guy have acted in the same way had the table been White Afrikaners, No, I seriously doubt he would have. He is a bully, and an extremely rude, so called Man, who clearly has issues with African people.

    It is also interesting that some comment that focusing on this issue instead of others, or more serious issues such as Farm Murders are more important. Yes, they are extremely important, however this behavior is part of the greater picture. It stems from attitudes towards people, how each are treated, and until the status quo with some is changed, issues like these will continue. It will take years before people can actually forgive and forget, and actually move on as one people, politics aside. If all cant stand together as one nation/people no one will ever win, nor go forward.

    This character is a racist, and will continue being one until he can forget the past, move on and remember how he and his kind treated others during Apartheid. Sorry chap, and anyone who agrees this was not racist, you have very short memories. I worry about your kids and how they will be, witnessing and listening to your behavior.

    Please don’t think I speak without experience, I am an Ex Zimbabwean, Ex SADF and have traveled and worked throughout Africa for many years, I speak from experience, and fully understand the type of guy we discuss now. Quite clearly disgusting behavior to say the least.

    Forgive and forget, learn to live together as one or we are doomed.

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  8. Catherine 25 March, 2017, 07:35

    I still don’t think its a race incident…. That Man handled the situation wrong. They were two grown ass people acting like children.. And ruined that poor 3year olds Birthday. BOTH PARTIES WERE WRONG!!!

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