This Is Why It’s Nearly Impossible To Find A Place To Rent In Cape Town!

May 9, 2017

If you have been trying to find a place to rent in Cape Town recently… I’m sure you’ve discovered it is an almost impossible task.

Not only are the good properties almost never available but most cost an arm and a leg… and more.

It all comes down to AirBNB!

Let’s have a look at the maps provided by AirDNA… which analyse the properties available on AirBNB.

These are entire apartments available for rent on AirBNB in Cape Town

These are entire homes available for rent on AirBNB in Cape Town

These are rooms in apartments available for rent on AirBNB in Cape Town

These are rooms in houses available for rent on AirBNB in Cape Town

Personally… I love AirBNB! It has made traveling around the world a lot more affordable. You can stay in awesome places, a lot cheaper than a conventional hotel .

The other issue in Cape Town is that foreign property owners… the rich folk from across the ocean come to Cape Town once a year, they buy up some nice property and then rent it out via AirBNB for the rest of the year.

At the end of the day… we live in a global economy… it’s a level playing field! Maybe I’m just foolish!

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