This Tourist Just Shows Us How Beautiful Cape Town Really Is! It’s Got Everything!!!! [video]

October 4, 2017

Cape Town South Africa Tourist guide to the city. “Downloadable Guide coming soon I know what I said in video haha” Cape Town, South Africa is arguably the most visually stunning place in the world.

The cost of living in Cape Town is quite good to say the least! While I was visiting as a tourist, it didn’t stop me from going deeper to learn more about the culture and history. And there’s a lot of deep, complex history in South Africa, especially in regards to race relations.

Being Black myself, I had a lot of questions and I got a lot different answers. I could do a whole video on just the topic, but I will save that for another video. The one thing I did hear often was that there is progress being made. Rene and I took the opportunity to explore this amazing city in the short time we had after hearing so much about it.

This was my first time in Africa in a few years but it always feel good to come back. There is so much to do Cape Town.

If you’re into good wine, views, food, yachting, different cultures, nightlife, you name it, this city is the perfect destination to experience it all.

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  1. Nita Harris 4 December, 2017, 05:38

    Enjoyed the video, Mike. My brother Roger and lots of relatives live in in Cape Town. I live in Utah, and my husband and kids were all born in the USA. I was born in Johannesburg, and looking forward to your video on Jo’burg. Best regards to you and your wife.

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