Tourists Visiting Paris Are Shocked To Find Stranded ‘Sperm Whale’ Alongside The Seine River! 

July 27, 2017

The people of Paris were shocked to find a beached sperm whale alongside the river Seine. The beached whale had been cordoned off from the public.

It is a very strange sight for Paris!

So what caused this to happen?

What is really going on?

It has come out that the whale is actually an art installation. The team who put it together overnight even went further by simulating the smell of a dead whale.

“We place the statue on the beach during the night and prepare bleeding and smell,” they wrote on their website. “In the morning the carcass is fenced, to keep people at a distance. We create of circle of about seven meters around the statue. Within this perimeter, the beaching is a true fact. The actors within the fence never drop their cover. They are scientific and official figures of a fictitious organization, the North Sea Whale Association.”


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