WARNING: New Hijacking Trick To Be Aware Of! 

April 25, 2017

A user on Facebook shared this photo and story… PLEASE READ CAREFULLY AND TAKE NOTE!

“I was very nearly hijacked a few moments ago by three men at the Spar shopping centre in Ravenswood Boksburg. Their modus operandi is to wait for you to go inside the shop, they then stuff a tissue into your door handle (it’s wedged between the rubber). When you come out of the shop and see the tissue, your natural reaction is to inspect it and then try take it out. During these crucial seconds one approaches you from the front while the other two come around rear of the vehicle with a weapon. I was lucky to spot them in the reflection. When I confronted them, two ran, leaving me time to hop in the car and speed away from the other. Please be vigilant when approaching your car in a public space, there are truly bad individuals out there.”

P.S. The ‘car guard’ whom I paid R5 for my two-minute visit was nowhere to be found, so thank you for nothing.

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