WATCH: Botched Hijacking Results In Shootout Between Home Owner And Hijackers! (video)

May 4, 2017

At 19:30 yesterday evening multiple gunshots were reported by community members in the Bergbron area of Sector 1.

CPF members rushed to the vicinity where the gunshots were heard and found that a 19 year old man had sustained a gunshot wound as a result of a botched hijacking attempt.

Evidence from CCTV shows armed intruders entering the property after the home owner pulls into the property. He is seen being accosted by the armed suspects.

A few minutes later the 19 year old man pulls in front of the property and the armed assailants are seen running to the gate with firearms drawn.

A firefight ensued between the home owner and suspects. In the firefight the 19 year old man was hit in the arm and an armed suspect is shot in the upper body. The suspects then fled in a large Silver Volvo S40 vehicle.

The young man was rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment by a family member.

Thankfully he did not suffer any life threatening injuries.

Footage and details supplied by Intelligence Bureau SA

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