WATCH: CCTV Footage Shows Murder And Suicide In Krugersdorp! (video)

July 4, 2017

CCTV footage has emerged and has been published online by Krugersdorp News showing the devastating murder and suicide outside a housing complex in Krugersdorp.

The footage shows two people arguing on the side of the road opposite the entrance of the complex. It also shows a vehicle parked across the street from them. They stand fairly close to each other, but then one runs as the other takes out a firearm. The man then fires one shot at the woman.

The shot misses its target, and the woman is able to get away. She then runs around the tree and he fires another shot. The second shot hits her, but she continues to try to escape. Then he shoots two more rounds before she drops to the ground, lifeless.

The man can be seen walking back across the road before jumping into the white bakkie. You can’t see what happens next but it has been reported that the man was found dead in the vehicle. It is suspected that he shot himself in the head.

WARNING: not for sensitive viewers!

Source: Kugersdorp News

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