WATCH: Die Antwoord’s New Video Is The Most Disturbing Thing I’ve Seen In A Long Time! [WARNING]

June 22, 2017

There must be something really wrong with Die Antwoord! They have taken psychopath to the next level.

Their latest video also features US actor Jack Black… you’ll have to watch and see for yourself.

WARNING: be prepared for the most psychopathic f***ed up video of the year!

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  1. Lesley Schwartz 22 June, 2017, 09:12

    No comment…words fail me!!!!

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  2. Bat Sheva 22 June, 2017, 17:57

    This can only appeal to sick minded people

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  3. CriticLegit 24 June, 2017, 11:44

    I feel they’re trying way too hard to be outrageous and dark. The script was poor, the acting was worse (including Jack Black) ; the only thing that wasn’t cringey was the music, and it wasn’t theirs.
    Overall I don’t get it and wasn’t that shocked.

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  4. Susan 26 June, 2017, 22:32


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  5. Jandre Kroeze 29 June, 2017, 16:54

    Makes any sane person feel ashamed of being human. Lowest levels of human psychological depravity. It is irresponible to inspire others to aspire for that which is of a lesser nature. Stupidity aint macho or cool. Some lines should never be crossed.

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  6. Henri du Plessis 4 July, 2017, 21:18

    Shame. Poor people. They are so messed from all the drugs they’ve used, they come up with this kind of juvenile rubbish and probably even call it art. I feel sorry for them. They’ve probably made quite a tidy sum of money, but once again prove that wealth does not a good mentality make.

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