WATCH: Horrific Boarding School Beating In Dorm Room Goes Viral! (video)

October 12, 2017

An absolute horrific incident has gone viral and to think these kids have the audacity to film it and think they will get away with it is sickening

One Facebook user commented with more details on the incident:

Dont get it wrong this was not all about racism this incident happened at a named boarding school in Zambia the white boy was chewing the other guys girl and they guy with hez friend ganged up to beat him up and we condemned the disorderly conduct and the school management has since expelled the 2 boys, search for chengelo boarding school video” you will see that there was a white boy on top of the banker bed who was closing the door so that the boy cud not escape while he was being beaten..this in not about race but moral decay amongst these spoiled brats.

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