WATCH: People Celebrating On The Streets & Ripping Down Posters Of The Dictator! 

November 20, 2017

It’s official- ZANU PF have fired Robert Mugabe.

He is now saying that he will resign on condition that he is not prosecuted & that the new regime promise to let him keep his presidential privileges & his stolen assets. However the story keeps changing & Mugabe is reportedly saying that he will be residing over the ZANUPF conference next month.

People are celebrating on the streets & ripping down posters of the monster.

Better late than never. The question now is who is going to replace him? Let’s hope not someone who is as insane.

Grace Mugabe & her 2 brats are lying low at their R44million mansion in Sandton South Africa.

The question is why are the Mugabes international assets not being frozen, seized & returned to the people of Zimbabwe by the United Nations & the African Union?

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