WATCH: Truck Driver Caught Traveling At 180 km/h South Africa! [video]

December 4, 2017

Video footage from another motorist in South Africa shows a truck driver traveling at 180 km/h. Any vehicle traveling at that speed is a death wish on wheels. But a massive truck traveling at that speed is unthinkable.

South Africa needs to stop this madness as people on the road like this are going to result in the deaths of many innocent people’s lives. Please make sure to share this to raise awareness. If anyone recognises the truck, please report it.

Watch the video footage below:

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  1. Annatjie Kruger 4 December, 2017, 18:04

    Okay, so this guy decided to find out at what speed the truck driver is driving, with look closely a cigarette in one and and his cell phone in the other, moving the phone between the truck in front of him and his speedometer (to show the speed)?! Does this man have a brain and did he actually use it? I sincerely hope that he was alone in that car, because if not he has put his passengers is grave danger. Complaining about the truck driver, but committing at least two traffic violations himself. Using a cell phone while driving and speeding and then overtaking the truck. To do that he would have had to go even faster than the truck. Mooi man Mooi.

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