WATCH: Wild Leopard Charges At Vet On The East Rand, South Africa! (video)

September 26, 2017

This vet was called in by farmer to dart the leopard so that it could be safely relocated.

“I was called by the farmer as this was a potential disastrous situation unfolding. The darting was a high risk procedure… The fence was old and rusted and I had to go right up to it for a clear shot.”

“I tried my best to stand my ground,” said Dr Engelbrecht, but “the speed the animal moves is frighteningly fast and was onto me within a second.

“Although I had a wing man with a rifle, I was saved by the old fence and God’s Grace.

“The leopard charged the fence a second time and this time successfully broke through… fortunately at another spot and direction.

“I am glad to be alive to tell the tale.”

Watch the video below:

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