White Privilege For Dummies… The Music Video! 

July 31, 2017

“It is uncomfortable to come to terms with the privileges I have inherited from being white. The natural thing is for me to say something like “But Apartheid ended years ago”, because I want to believe that I’m on level pegging with people of colour.”

“The reality is, I continue to benefit from a legacy that was built by tyrants, and people of colour continue to not.”

“I haven’t had to learn any languages except my mother tongue, I haven’t felt pressured to change my name & surname because it’s difficult for future employers to pronounce, I have had an education that has been almost exclusively in English.”

“The list goes on.”

“Whether I should feel bad about this privilege is not important, but I simply can’t ignore the racial inequality that we face as a country. The least I can do is respect that there is a lot of pain in the people who have been oppressed & it is important to not only understand that pain, but to feel it.”

“I see & feel things through my lens of a white privileged male, and so when I see people protesting about things that don’t necessarily affect me, my natural reaction is to say that it is a waste of time. Not only that, but I feel the urge to offer my white idealistic solution, which would make me feel all smug because I clearly have the right answers.”

“But before I comment from my place of privilege, I try to put myself in the shoes of someone who isn’t; I really try to understand the pain & frustration.”

“The reality is I will never know what it’s truly like to feel oppressed.”

“I certainly don’t have the answers, but I know that change starts with understanding and having compassion. I think that only once I begin to understand the pain of the oppressed, I can start to see things from a new lens.”

“Only once I have gained the perspective of the oppressed will I be able to do or say things that might be helpful.”

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