Woman Finds Newborn Baby Inside Rubbish Bag In Durban! (video)

September 20, 2017

16:40 was the time
I find myself walking
Mitchell crescent road to be precise.
Black garbage bag is what my sight recieved
Should have been scared that I know

Courage is what I recieved
As I open this bag
A beautiful innocent warm smile greeted me
Hello precious star
I shall name you nkanyezi
My precious star.

From that moment..
My heart was filled with joy
Your adorable amazing self
Had me flattered that I agree
Beautiful smile sent cupid’s my way
I’m in love, love at first sight
All for you my precious star.

Brightest star
My brightest light
The most beautiful amongst them all
Nkanyezi yaphakade
I am proud for I have met you
Shined bright like the stars in the darkest hour

Like my own
How I wish you are mine
The one Treasure I would have kept forever
A precious rare pearl I would have loved to wear around my neck

How I wish to have you in ku arms
Nkanyezi yami endiphiwe yona
As heartless and cruel your mother turned out to be
Love her.
Full term you were carried by her.

leaving you In the rain
To live or to die that I do not know
She erased herself from a beautiful script you would have lived to tell.
From the short time I spent with you…
I pray and hope for a miracle
One that includes keeping you.
How I wish you were mine to keep
Shine my precious star
Provide light for this nation and beyond

Bakhanyisele Nkanyezi yami.

By:Noxolo Gumede

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