“Zimbabwe is the most highly developed country in Africa after SA”, says Mugabe!

May 4, 2017

Robert Mugabe has said that Zimbabwe is the most highly developed country in Africa, after South Africa.

Have you ever heard such rubbish in your life!

This was said during a surprise appearance at the World Economic Forum on Africa in Durban.

Mugabe was asked if he agreed that Zimbabwe is a failed state. What do you think his response was?

Mugabe laughed and then said… “That isn’t true!”

“We have a bumper harvest, not only maize, but also tobacco and many other crops. We are not a poor country,” he said. “If anyone wants to call us fragile, they can. You can also call America fragile,” he said to some in the audience laughing.

[there is no hope for Zimbabwe with this clown still in power]

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