These Are The Best Zuma Must Fall Protest Photos Yet!

April 7, 2017

South Africa and all the people of South Africa have had enough with Jacob Zuma and his lack of leadership for the country. It is time we saw South Africa thrive!

Zuma Must Fall protests well under way!

And this is outside the ‘Gupta Compound’ in Saxonwold! 

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I’m Proud Of All South Africans!!!! 

I’m a proud South African! Today our country came together as one, we stood tall and made sure our voices were heard. All religions, races, genders and disabilities came together today in the fight to remove our President Jacob Zuma.


  1. Mo Haarhoff 7 April, 2017, 16:58

    Some of these are fantastic! The lady with the butternut and the pink straws immediately come to mind. The trash guy and the Biko lass run a close second. Please won;’t someone’s firm offer to give them some sort of token gift for their effort? Supermarket or fast food gift tokens would be ideal…Nandos?

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  2. Vanessa Haileka 8 April, 2017, 07:48

    I love S.A. too. I cry at our perilous ways sometimes, but then there is always moments when people like you who come up with creative ways of making the whole thing laughable. Thanks.

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